Glaucoma Refractive Surgery/Infections/Injuries

At Family Eye Care, we genuinely care for our patients’ wellbeing and we strive to make our office visits simple and stress-free. With same-day appointments for emergency eye care and no tedious forms to complete, it’s no wonder why countless families turn to us for professional vision care and correction.

Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatmentrefractive surgery consultation

Dr. Bernstorf and Dr. Flaherty have a combined 49 years of experience treating glaucoma. Our diagnostic equipment matches that of most glaucoma surgeons. Most cases of glaucoma are easily treated with prescription eye drops. Early and proper treatment can prevent vision loss. We have a good working relationship with local surgeons for those cases that require surgery.

Infections, Injuries and Diabetes

Infections and injuries can lead to severe vision impairment, and if left untreated, loss of vision entirely. If you've suffered an injury or you've noticed swelling, redness and/or discharge in or around your eye, please contact our office immediately. 
Diabetes is another leading cause of blindness in this country. However, a yearly eye exam can greatly reduce your chances of vision loss.

Treatment for any of these conditions ranges from removing debris from the eye, testing for allergic conjunctivitis, treating bacterial infection, diagnosing sudden onset of floaters and light flashes and identifying any additional issues that could be impairing vision in one or both eyes.

Refractive Surgery Consultation

If you have questions concerning refractive (laser) surgery for myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, ask an optometrist who has firsthand, personal experience with this life-changing procedure. Dr. Bernstorf underwent laser surgery several years ago, and he has been thoroughly trained to perform the necessary follow-up care by three reputable laser surgery centers.